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The Hangar has two independent internet channels/networks, with a third one being installed soon. It’s crucial to us to have the highest possible speed and bandwidth – so we don’t get bogged down with lots of people all online simultaneously - and of course 100% reliability. We have two different internet suppliers, and will shortly be installing a microwave-linked fibre system as a back-up to our main internet provider. Our average ping is around 24 ms, our average download speed is 30mbps and our average upload speed is 9mbps. (A high upload speed makes a big difference to using the internet in general, even if you're not uploading per se - and it makes a huge difference with cloud based software like Xero, Googledocs, and so on.) As soon as we get out third supplier hooked up, one of our networks will be dedicated to Skype & VOIP, so your Skype calls will have minimal technofreezewobbles.


The bottom line:


Our internet is fast and reliable.

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